getir bi mutluluk

1500+ items delivered almost instantly. Throughout Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa, Kocaeli, Bodrum and Eskişehir we deliver goods (and happiness!), in an average of 10 minutes, day and night!

Why Getir?

Minutes matter.

Modern big-city life is complex and tiring. Getir saves people time and adds value to their life, enabling them to use their time for the things that make them happy.

Don’t bother with carrying stuff…

Shopping can be a hassle. All those bags. Long distances. Lines. We don’t want you to bother with any of those. Sit back, select your items and keep doing what you were doing as we deliver in minutes.

Happiness delivered, anywhere.

Whether it’s your cozy home, your workplace, or that beautiful park… We deliver anywhere in Istanbul, at any time 😉

Secure payments = happy you

Happiness is not dealing with repetitive things. Payment should be one of them. Simply add your payment method once, never deal with cash and physical cards again! Don’t worry, be happy.

Show your generosity!

With the Digital Tipping feature, you can now tip through the app and bring our couriers "happiness." It’s okay if tipping is not your thing: a heartfelt “thank you” is also priceless.