Gidesin yoksa, getirin var!

Hundreds of everyday items delivered almost instantly (average 9.6 mins). 24/7. Established in Istanbul. Major global cities coming soon.

Gidesin yoksa, getirin var!

Why getir?

Mobile retail in minutes.

Minutes are important. Buy time with Getir. Use that time on the things that matter.

Don’t bother carrying stuff…

From yoghurt to water, chocolate to detergent… no one wants to carry bags full of groceries all back home, no matter how close the nearest market is. Getir brings the best items to you, so you can continue to enjoy life.

Wherever you are.

Whether you’re having a lazy day at home, working intensely at the office, or chilling by the seaside, Getir is with you.

Digital, secure, and seamless payments.

Cash is so 2014. Register your debit/credit card once, make seamless payments, save valuable minutes.